KDU Library


The library is the pivot of the Intellectual architecture of the University as its academic standard is significantly dependent on services provided by its library. Library being the repository of information is therefore indispensable in the overall University system, suffice to note that a University is incomplete without a well equipped and functional library.

The overriding objectives of the KolaDaisi University, Ibadan, Library (KDU Library) are among others, to provide facilities for teaching, learning, educational and broad-based research exercises. The KDU Library is however, primarily structured to provide an environment, conducive for students to study and carry out academic researches. In addition, our Library satisfies users’ information needs through the provision of quality reading materials and also ensuring proper archiving through preservation and conservation of information.

Services Available In the University Library

Internet Service

Internet service in the library is easily accessible, uninterrupted and functional. The internet service is further enhanced with wireless hotspot.

Electronic Library

The E-library provides access to electronic books and Journals, supported by 24 working thin client computers that are fully connected to the internet. The E-library is fully air-conditioned with uninterrupted electricity supply.

The E-library enables users to conduct online literature searches for academic projects and students’ assignments. It also serves as a training ground for those desirous of learning computer operations.

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Lending Service

KDU library lends book(s) to users for duration of two weeks. User(s) must mandatorily return borrowed book(s) at the end of the loan period, with failure to comply with stipulated regulations attracting penalties.

Information Literacy Service

This includes library orientation to freshers to acquaint them with the facilities and resources in the library, the arrangement and services offered. User education service is provided for 100 level students as GST 103. Also, training sessions are arranged for students on how to make use of the computers and the e-resource for learning and research.

Library Exhibition


This is organized to sensitize users to certain materials in a given field or area in the library collection and to create awareness and education

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) Service

This is the matching of users’ interest with information supplied. Information supplied is strictly based on the users’ research profile.

Online Reference to users

Users forward their enquiries to the library through the Internet and response sent to the e-mail.

Virtual Library Service

The Virtual library is put in place specifically for students’ use. It provides access to current information on the Internet to support class assignments and other research activities.

Book Reservation

When a user fails to find the book(s) needed on the shelf, he/she is required to make enquiry at the Loan Desk so as to know if the book has been taken to the bindery section for repair or the book is on loan to another user. A book can be reserved for intending borrower by filling a reservation slip, such book will not be renewed for the present borrower when returned and if it is already overdue, it will be recalled at once.

Donate Your Textbooks

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Donate your textbooks to KDU Library and we will put it on reserve so future students who cannot afford to buy their textbooks can check them out from the library. Bring any books you would like to donate to the Circulation Desk.

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