PUBLICATIONS OF Dr Fausat O. Odujebe

Published Journal Article:

  • Odujebe F.O ,Oyeyiola A.O and Olayinka K.O (2016) Use of physiological based extraction test (PBET) for the assessment of metals bioaccessibility in vegetables grown in contaminated soils ; Journal of health and pollution 6 (10) pp 74-83
  • Odujebe F.O, Hamed M.O, Oyeyiola A.O, Development of a Faster Technique for The Speciation of Potentially Toxic metals in Soils (2014) (UNILAG/RES/JOUR/001/14) Odujebe F.O, Oyeyiola A.O, Olayinka K.O and Oboh. B.O. (2011) Uptake of potentially toxic metals by vegetable plants grown on contaminated soil and their potential bioavailability using sequential extraction. Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management Vol. 2(8), pp. 220-227