PUBLICATIONS OF Dr Kubrat A. Oyinlola

List of publications

  • Wakil, S. M. and Oyinlola, K. A. (2011) Diversity of Pectinolytic bacteria causing soft rot of vegetables in Ibadan, Nigeria. Journal of Applied Biosciences Vol. 38, pp. 2540-2550
  • Wakil, S. M., Ayenuro, O. T. and Oyinlola, K. A. (2014) Microbiological and Nutritional Assesment of Starter-Developed Fermented Tigernut Milk. Food and Nutrition Sciences Vol. 5, pp. 495-506
  • Garuba, O. E., Onilude, A. A. and Oyinlola, K. A. (2015) Isolation and molecular characterization of inulinase- producing thermophilic fungi from waste dumpsite located at Apete-Awotan in Ibadan, South-Western Nigeria. Innovative Romanian Food Biotechnology Vol. 16, pp. 31-36
  • Oyinlola, K. A., Onilude, A. A. and Garuba, O. E. (2016) Towards the development of a common starter culture for fufu and usi (edible starch): screening for potential starters. International Journal of Food Studies Vol. 5, pp. 61-72
  • Oyinlola, K. A. and Onilude, A. A. Influence of Lactobacilli starter cultures on the nutritional content and anti-nutritional factors of fermented cassava for usi (edible starch). African Journal of Food Science (In press)
  • Oyinlola, K. A. and Onilude A. A. Microbiological assessment and shelf life of Usi (edible starch), a Nigerian staple, during storage. Nigerian Journal of Microbiology (In press)
  • Oyinlola, K. A. and Onilude A. A. High Performance Liquid Chromatographic analysis of organic acids during microbial fermentation (Ongoing)