Being address presented by Prof Kolade Luke Ayorinde, Vice Chancellor to Non- teaching Staff of KolaDaisi University, Ibadan on Friday, 19th January, 2017


A university is made up of indispensable interdependent tr-agents, namely students, teaching staff and non-teaching staff. All three must function in harmony towards the University’s set goals and objectives. Although, the academic staff are at the core of the University’s tripod objectives of teaching, research and community engagement, the non- teaching staff as the lubricants needed for the efficient functioning and performance of the academic staff. Thus a good crop of officers is required for the lecturers to perform maximally in their statutory functions. Thus you are a great part of the university system. As you attend to the basic duties that are nevertheless important in carrying out the University’s corporate objectives, you become indispensable and irreplaceable. So please see yourself as a major stakeholder in this enterprise as you join hands with me so that together we strive to build a University that will meet the needs and yearnings of Nigerians and bring fulfilment to the Founder and proprietor of this University.

In order to achieve this, you are expected to:
  1. Exhibit good work ethics, accountability and productivity.
  2. Be punctual and regular at work
  3. Be at your duty post during working hours
  4. Be exemplary, disciplined, committed and dedicated to duty
  5. Be good role models to our students
  6. Help popularize and populate KolaDaisi University
  7. Join in efforts to ensure peace, harmony, security and discipline on our campus
  8. Join in the crusade for enhanced revenue generation and plugging of wastages and leakages
  9. Be prudent and judicious in the use of University materials and properties
  10. Cooperate fully with Administration and be part of the day to day running of the university.

On our part,

  1. We will pursue proper orientation and reorientation of the human resources in all ramifications to enable you deliver on results
  2. Newly recruited staff will be made to undergo proper training and induction as to what working in a University entails
  3. We will define clear and achievable goals, objectives and expected outcomes based on your office or position
  4. We will embark on periodic training and retraining to enhance capacity building, skill acquisition and required competencies.
  5. We will provide needed facilities and resources to perform the assigned and designated tasks and duties.

Let us shun eye service or hypocrisy, perform our duties with good will, diligence, honesty, dutifulness and a good mindset. I therefore challenge you to let us talk together, work together and play together so together we can place KolaDaisi University in the enviable academic position she is expected to be.

Thank you for your attention.
Prof. K. L. Ayorinde


Applications are hereby invited from suitably qualified candidates to KolaDaisi University, Ibadan for the 2018/2019 academic session into the following

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To be a world class institution for excellence in the production of graduates able to respond to the socio-economic needs of a knowledge driven economy.


To nurture graduates with high employability attributes and competencies to help transform our country into global reckoning and position of pride in all human endeavours.