A field trip to the Nigeria Brewery PLC (NB PLC)

A Field Trip Report of the Nigeria Brewery PLC (NB PLC), Ibadan, Oyo State

As part of the efforts of Koladaisi University, Ibadan in preparing and producing world-class leaders, thinkers, idea progenitors and problem-solvers, the 300 level students in the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAPS) went on a field trip to the Nigerian Brewery PLC, Ibadan on Monday the 9th of March 2020.

On arrival, they were taken through an induction program so as to follow and comply with the safety rules and regulation within the premises. They were provided with safety kits including safety joggers to prevent them from stepping on broken bottles, safety goggles for eye prevention from bottle explosions, reflective jackets for recognition and ear plugs for noise pollution among others.

After their safety was ensured they then proceeded on the field trip proper by going to the various units within the NB PLC plant. Some of the units visited were:

  1. The Raw Material Unit- where raw materials like barley and sorghum were stored;
  2. The Processing Unit- where the raw materials are been taken through various processing stages;
  3. The Washing and Cleaning Unit- where bottles, crates and other packaging materials are cleaned and prepared for use;
  4. The Packaging Unit- finished products are packed.

The following students participated in the field trip:

               Name                               Department

  1. Salami Ayokunle                Microbiology
  2. Oladokun Favour               Biochemistry
  3. Johnson Adeshola             Biochemistry
  4. Oladejo Otobiloluwa         Biochemistry
  5. Olajire Nifemi                      Biochemistry
  6. OlajideTaofeek                    Industrial Chemistry
  7. Akande Oluwaseun           Industrial Chemistry
  8. Amos Solomon                    Industrial Chemistry
  9. Oyewo Temitope                 Microbiology
  10. Ayo-Abimbola Kashope   Microbiology
  11. Oriolowo Kehinde             Microbiology
  12. OnagunOrekuleyin            Microbiology

The students were chaperoned by two lectures from the faculty:

  1. Dr Fausat Odujebe: Department of Chemical Sciences
  2. Dr O.O Mebude: Department of Biological Sciences