Equipment Maintenance Centre (EMC)

Equipment Maintenance Centre (EMC)


The Equipment Maintenance Centre (EMC) was established in 2021 to provide technical support services in form of procurement, installation, maintenance, and repairs to the various scientific/office equipment supplied to the University for its daily operations. The primary objective of the center is to, procure, Install and manage all equipment in the University. The center will also be involved in the development of a maintenance culture within the University. The centre is made up of five operational units with specific mandates. These include



You are welcome to KolaDaisi University, Ibadan Equipment and Maintenance Center. On this page you will get to know more about the Center and discover how we can serve you better. The centre evaluate maintenance of the University equipment, renders maintenance services to clients within and outside the University and provides training for technologist within the University System. Also engage in regular updating of equipment usage and procurement of equipment to the university as at when dues. Provision of spare parts and modem tools for repairs.

Beyond these, the Vice-chancellor Prof. Olatunbosun, SAN, has given the Centre an additional mandate, of equipment development. To meet this mandate, the Centre’s management is developing a number of programs.

More information on these programs will be available on this site as soon as possible.


Director EMC.

Staff of Kdu EMC

The Equipment Maintenance Centre is responsible for the general day to day maintenance and periodic rehabilitation of all KDU physical structure/infrastructure, facilities and equipment such as staff houses, academic and administrative buildings, student hostels, University lodges, parks and gardens, university vehicles, generators

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