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Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The vision of the Faculty is to be the Faculty of choice for Science and Applied Sciences education in Nigeria/Africa and our mission is to provide a conducive environment for the production of graduates that are well equipped with scientific and technological skills to solve problems and to be responsive to the needs of an ever-changing society. We are striving to realize this vision and mission. As a student in the Faculty, you could not have made a better choice by coming to study in this Faculty and as a prospective student, it will be the best decision you will make by choosing programmes in the Faculty for your prospective future careers.  We are ready to make your study experience at KDU a good and memorable one.  All academic and support staff are ready to offer you support so that you can achieve your goal of completing your education successfully.

The Faculty has four departments and twelve academic programmes approved for it by the National University Commission (NUC):

(i) Department of Biological Sciences(Biochemistry, Microbiology and Biology Programmes),

(ii) Department of Chemical Sciences (Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry Programmes),

(iii) Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences (Computer Sciences, Statistics, Cyber Security, Software Engineering and Information Technology Programmes) and

(iv) Department of Physical Sciences (Physics with Electronics Programme).

Four of the programmes(Biochemistry, Microbiology, Industrial Chemistry, and Computer Science) have been fully accredited by NUC).  Physics with Electronics Programme was approved in 2016.  These and three other programmes(Cyber Security, Software Engineering and Information Technology)approved in 2019 by NUC for offering at KDU will be admitting students for the next session. The Faculty also offers a one-year Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB) programme which allows prospective students after successful completion to enter the University at 200 Level.

The Faculty has several activities and programmes to support your academic endeavours to achieve success and be employable after your education in the Faculty.  These include the implementation of the Student Industrial & Work Experience (SIWES) programme aimed at exposing our students to the World-of-Work before the completion of their programmes and the laying of much emphasis on the use of modern technology in teaching and learning activities through the use of Smart-Board and Online Teaching facilities (e.g., Google Classroom and Zoom).  This is to equip our staff and students with digital technology skills in teaching and learning. Our laboratories are equipped with modern scientific equipments to expose our students to their use thereby gaining necessary modern skills during their practical classes and final year projects.

I implore you as old and new students to engage your Heads of Department and mentors that you will be assigned to on all these activities and programmes and participate in as many of them as possible to improve your chances of success. Once again, I welcome you to the Faculty.


Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences

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