Faculty of Law



To be a world class Faculty of Law, devoted to excellent legal training, research and development of graduates committed to meeting the socio-legal needs of the society.


  1. To nurture law graduates with high employability attributes and competencies to help transform the society
  2. To produce law graduates that will change the country into global –reckoning and pride of place in all human endeavours
  3. To work for the promotion and advancement of societal legal rights and values for sustainable development.



The underlying philosophy for the establishment of the university is to nurture graduates with high employability attributes and competencies; qualities that are required to transform the country into global reckoning and position of pride in all human endeavors. The University curriculum is patterned and designed to provide students with an academic framework for becoming educated and successful citizens of the 21st century. The courses are designed to teach the students intellectual and practical skills of analysis, communication, quantitative and information literacy and problem solving, and to bring out professional and entrepreneurial benefits of the law discipline. This is geared towards preparing students to engage in complex thinking and develop in specialised areas based on LL.B courses and incorporation of a range of applicable skill sets. We operate a focused law programme and utilize professional techniques, well developed and relevant curricula, modern equipment and materials that will lead to the production of well-rounded law graduates that can make great impact wherever they find themselves after graduation. Therefore the basic philosophy of KDU is predicated on the belief that the central role of the university is education to produce a well-rounded person.

The philosophy of the programme is rooted in the quest to provide unique legal education in Nigeria.   Generally, the law programme will train lawyers to acquire multi-dimensional and entrepreneurial skills. Hence, it is important that students of the law should have a broad general knowledge of other disciplines of study in the process of acquiring legal education that will better equip them to face diverse challenges in the society. The legal education programme will utilize clinical legal education approach and focus on the needs of the various stakeholders in the society.  On the whole, the overall target of legal training in KDU is to produce law graduates whose level of education is extensive and broad-based enough and able to equip them properly to practice as private legal practitioners, or serve as academics or as advisers, solicitors and advocates to governments and governmental agencies, companies, firms, associations, communities, individuals, families and international engagements.


  1. Capacity Building
  2. Entrepreneurial Culture
  3. Excellence
  4. Global Relevance
  5. Innovation
  6. Integrity
  7. Service to Humanity
  8. Personal Responsibilities
  • Private and Business Law
  • Public and International Law