Matriculation Addresses



Members of the University Management

Acting Deans of Faculties and Students’ Affairs

All Acting Heads of Departments and Ag. Directors of Units

Other Academic and Non-teaching staff members of the KolaDaisi University

All Parents and Guardians here present

The Matriculating Students

Gentlemen of the Press

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is with great honour and delight that I welcome you on behalf of the Founder, Chief Kola Daisi CON, Bashorun of Ibadanland, the BOT, Governing Council, Senate and Management of the KDU to the 4th Matriculation Ceremony of the University.

We are indeed pleased that despite the uncertainties as a result of the global pandemic which crippled almost all activities in the year 2020, the University is, today, matriculating 220 new students which is a great improvement on the 135 matriculated last year. May I use this medium to express my sincere appreciation to the Founder, Board of Trustees and the Governing Council, for their continuous support to the University.

I must congratulate all the matriculating students for the privilege of being among thousands of students given admission out of millions of candidates who wrote the last Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).  Choosing KolaDaisi University, Ibadan is one of the wisest decisions you had made.  You are however advised to be focused in terms of the type of associations you make, regular attendance at lectures and other areas of discipline in order to make a good success of your studentship.  You must be determined not be deterred or distracted on your journey to success here at KolaDaisi University.  Please, make the Students’ Information/ Regulation Handbook your companion by reading it regularly and carefully, in order to be familiar with its contents and thereby maximising the advantage of your studentship.  It is pertinent that you abide by all the rules and regulations of the University, as ignorance will not be taken as an excuse for any form of misconduct.

Permit me to share with you some of the highlight of activities in the University since I assumed office as the Acting Vice-Chancellor of this University in August 2020.

1.      Approval of the Council of Legal Education for Commencement of the Law Faculty

The University now has the approval of both the National Universities Commission (NUC) and the Council of Legal Education – the two bodies which has the responsibilities of regulating the Law programmes in Nigeria.

2.      Fulbright Scholarship

As part of our drive towards establishing partnerships with credible universities and organisations within and outside the country. The University has now become a hosting institution for the Fulbright Scholarship programme in the United States of America. Consequently, the Public Affairs Officer and other staff of the United States Consulate General Office visited the University on Wednesday, 10 February, 2021. The Fulbright Scholarship will provide an avenue for exchange programmes for both staff and students of the University.

3.      Central State University, Ohio

This University has agreed to endow scholars in the Law, Economics and Business Administration programmes, in other to enhance quality teaching and research in these programmes.

4.      Florida University, U.S.A.

The University is already interacting with this University in the area of exchange programmes for both students and lecturers.

5.      Media School of Indiana University

KDU is already enjoying partnership with this University in the area of book acquisition.

6.      Other Collaborations

In the bid to enhance the visibility of our University and to ensure that our students are well groomed to become employable or be self-employed after graduation, Management had signed agreements with Bredhub, New Horizon and Talent Builders in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, ICT and Entrepreneurship.  Bredhub an AI/Robotics company will train interested students who will get certification that would be useful to them in the competitive job market.  New Horizon, a world-wide renowned ICT company, will as from next Semester bring in its computers and instructors to train our students in certificated courses.  Talent Builders is the Consultant in charge of our Entrepreneurship Centre, which will train students starting with 400 level in their choice area of interest.

All the above collaborations and partnership is to live up to our Vision to “be a world class institution for excellence in the production of graduates, able to respond to the socio-economic needs of knowledge-driven economy”.  We must not also forget that our Mission is “to nurture graduates with high employability attributes ….”

7.      Students Enrollment

As I have stated at the beginning of my address, the University is matriculating a total of 220 new students, this include students who were admitted into 100 level UTME, 200 level Direct Entry and Transfer students from other universities. This is the highest number of new students in any admission exercise since the inception of this University. May I use this medium to express my sincere appreciation to the Senate, members of the University Management, the Admissions Committee and all other stakeholders for their concerted efforts towards achieving this feat.

Let me also inform you that the University has concluded arrangements to commence some programmes that would further increase her visibility and enrolment.  Management would soon consult experts who would advise on the establishment of programmes like Nursing and Medical Laboratory Science.

It is heartwarming to let you know that the KolaDaisi University shall be graduating her pioneer students later in the year and all our esteemed parents will be invited to the maiden Convocation ceremonies in due course.

May I use this avenue to thank our parents and guardians for entrusting us with the university education of your wards and for your continuous support over the years. You can be rest assured that we, as Management and staff of the University, shall continually give our best in training them both in character and learning. However, we solicit your support in prompt payment of your wards’ fees. It is indeed worrisome that the University is being owed a substantial amount of money, even for the past academic sessions. The University can only meet its ever increasing obligations if fees are paid and promptly too.

I will like to introduce to us those students who had excelled in their studies and are called “University Scholars”.  These are:

It is also very pleasing to note that new set of scholars have joined them, they are:

These scholars are brought out to encourage our new matriculating students that they have a choice to make, either to join these wonderful students as University Scholars or not.  It is my prayer that you will be as focused as these ones too.  It is note-worthy that all our University Scholars have a rebate of 50% on their tuition, which would be another impetus for encouraging good performance in your academics.

Lastly, let me urge the matriculating students to endeavor to shun all forms of vices, ungodly peer pressure and depraved characters. The University has rules and regulations guiding the conducts of all students and you are expected to familiarize yourselves with these regulations and abide strictly by them. On our part, we shall continually ensure that your stay in the University is worthwhile.  We are ready to play our part towards ensuring your success as undergraduates of this University and we encourage you to also play your part by being hardworking, focused and dedicated to your studies.  By the end of your programme in the University, you will be expected to go out into the world to be positive change agents that would be the pride of the University.  I pray that none of you would fall by the way, but you shall all end well and end strong.

Once again, I thank all parents, guardians and well-wishers for your presence and wish you all journey mercies back to your various destinations.

God bless you and God bless KolaDaisi University.

Thank you.

Professor Adeniyi I. Olatunbosun

Acting Vice-Chancellor

Text of speech delivered at the matriculation ceremony of the new students of KolaDaisi University, Ibadan, Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

Warm welcome

I give all the honour and glory to the Lord God Almighty who has granted us the grace to hold this second matriculation programme of KolaDaisi University, Ibadan, KDU. It is perhaps important on an occasion like this to refresh our mindset about the happenings in our first academic year and let you know our focus for greater achievements in the course of our second year, and the next few years. Academic activities commenced on 16th of November 2017 following our licensing in November 2016. The maiden matriculation was held on the 17th day of March 2018 with 32 students admitted into 12 programmes. I am glad to report that today we are matriculating a total of 112 students ( 59 males and 53 females, 78 UTME and 34 DE) in 13 programmes; 53 in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and 59 in the Faculty of Arts, Management and Social Sciences. These students are from 19 states of Nigeria. You can thus see that we are growing steadily under the guidance and support of the Founder and Members of Board of Trustees and Governing Council. Although we are still far from where we want to be but by the special grace of the Almighty God we will be there sooner than later. We lost a very rare gem in the person of our Mother, Madam Sherifat Agbeke Kola Daisi, MFR, the wife of our Father and Founder in October 2018. I urge you all to please continue to support and pray for our Founder, the children and the KDU family.

While congratulating the lucky students, I must appreciate you the parents for entrusting these your children and wards into our care. I also appreciate all the stakeholders especially the Founder, the Proprietor (KDF), Members of the Board of Trustees and Governing Council and Friends of the University for standing by us this past year. I must also specially thank our Pioneering class of 32; 26 of whom are still with us in their second year. We have benefitted this past year from the services of two accomplished Professors in the field of Biochemistry who have offered their services non-gratis to the University. Please join me in appreciating two of my dear friends, Professors Musbau Adewumi Akanji and Temidayo Adenike Oladiji of the Department of Biochemistry, University of Ilorin, for this very kind and unusual gesture. Much encouragement and support have been received from the Executive Secretary, National Universities Commission, Professor Abubakar Adamu Rasheed, mni, MFR, FNAL, and some of his directors including Mr. Ibrahim Usman Yakasai, Dr. Salmon Yusuf and Dr. Noel Abiodun Saliu, and the Registrar of JAMB, Professor Ishaq O. Oloyede, FNAL, to these I am very grateful. I equally appreciate the Vice chancellor, University of Ibadan, Professor A. I. Olayinka, and a number of staff of that University who have been of much assistance to us. The University benefitted from the visit of Dr. Olusegun Soetan, a Visiting Postdoctoral candidate from the Department of African and Cultural Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA and also hosted a doctoral student from the Department of History at the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University, USA, who was here for three months researching on West Africa Intellectual History, Indigenous Medicine and Healing Culture. We look forward to more collaborations and contributions from our friends and well-meaning individuals towards the growth and development of this University. Indeed the contributions in cash, endowment, equipment, materials, services and in any other way by you who are present here today and by other friends of the University will be highly appreciated. Please get in touch with us on how you can partner with us and as you do, you will be blessed richly by the Lord.

Our Resolve It is in realization of the fact that government alone cannot adequately fund qualitative education that made the Founder, Chief Kola Daisi, CON, the Bashorun of Ibadan Land, embark on the establishment of KolaDaisi University as an institution that will deliver quality education to Nigerians and people from all races and countries. Our focus at KDU is on producing quality graduates who are well equipped to make their mark anywhere they find themselves. Since one cannot or perhaps should not give what he or she does not have, it is pertinent that students are well equipped while in school with what they will need to serve in future. It is therefore our responsibility to prepare the students in such a way that each can excel while here in the University so as to serve well in the communities where they will find themselves upon graduation. In line with our commitment to establish and nurture a world class university, we hope to introduce more courses that are of great impact to the society, after due approval by the National University Commission. As from next session, the University will be engaging highly experienced and qualified industry players and professionals but with requisite academic qualifications to join our faculty. This will enable them impart their professional experience on the students and make them better equipped to excel during their training and thus possess the skills to serve upon graduation.

Our Role On our part we are committed to high quality teaching and research, engagement of highly qualified faculty, attraction of international and highly talented students and scholars, academic freedom, good governance structures, well- equipped facilities for teaching and research, good student life and contribution to society. My dear students, for you to excel here and succeed in life, we will help you develop the following attributes: Diligence, Integrity, Smartness, Consistency, Persistency, Self – Awareness, Spirit of Team Building, Self-Accountability, Excellence and Leadership QualitiesI assure you that we will provide a conducive environment needed for your total growth and development and provide the needed support, training, mentoring and protection from this University during and even after your stay here. We will continue to strive in the provision of adequate extra-curricular engagements and experiences so as to broaden your knowledge. We will continue to maintain high academic standards in line with the vision and mission statements of the University. I assure you that we will continue to place premium on skill acquisition, entrepreneurship and character molding so you can excel here in the University and go out there to serve and excel in the labour or employment market.

YOUR PRIVILEGES AND BOUNDARIES Let me make it very clear that your admission to KDU is a special privilege. You are therefore expected to work hard, make the best of this golden opportunity and excel here at Koladaisi University so you can go out there and serve to excel. At a point in a person’s life, he or she must defer gratification in order to succeed in life. Although it is easy not to see the need to defer gratification because we almost always want the here and now, the reality is that there is no gain without pain. Let me borrow from the word of Apostle Paul in I Corinthians 9: 25 which states:And every man that strives for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible It is important therefore that you defer the present temporary pleasures so you can excel and be of better quality in the future. Be ready to sacrifice for the sake of the future. You must defer certain pleasures, sweat it out now and burn the night oil in order to excel. Note that success is not a straight line but much more of a dance that is open to so many possibilities but with a lot of up and down with its turnings and twistings. I assure you that you can still enjoy the music and dance while you are here but within the limit of guided freedom. You must constantly remember that the primary focus of your training here is your academic and character molding. Therefore be very mindful of your status as an undergraduate and future ambassador of this university. I therefore plead with you to conduct yourselves in such a manner that would enable you earn a degree of this university. Please shun all vices, and respect the University rules and regulations especially on academic regulations and moral conduct on campus. I advise you to reject all those things which can serve as impediments to your excelling here in the university. This University has zero tolerance for indiscipline and all forms of vices. Expulsion is the simplest reward for bad behavior and misconduct; a reward we hesitate to offer. Please take advantage of your admission into this University so that you can become leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc who will contribute positively to the development of our country. This will be in tandem with our vision and mission statements. So I urge you to focus on your books, lectures and other activities or programmes designed for you by the University in order to attain the highest level of academic, professional and moral possibilities. I enjoin you to be good Ambassadors of this University and of your families. I assure you that you can become the best of yourself.

CANDID ADVICE My dear students, it is important that you don’t concentrate much effort on improving your social status, image, appearance, trendy social matters and news. In order to have a better future it is essential that you focus on your studies rather than fashion trends, musical idols, premier league, La Liga, European Leagues etc. The process of becoming a good student who will excel here and be equipped to excel in life is not difficult. It requires three simple basic requirements: COMMITMENT, DEVOTION and PROPER TIME MANAGEMENT. You need to study effectively, be active in class, pay attention to all that you are being taught and take part within the classroom. Take time to review what you are taught every day and do your assignments. You should manage your time well and prioritize all activities. Develop interest in all your subjects and be sure not to miss classes, practicals, quizzes, etc. You should develop study habits gradually and increase your study and listening skills. You are expected to work very hard from this very beginning. I assure you success as you follow these guidelines. Religious activities are encouraged within the framework of your freedom as we believe that godliness is required in all human endeavours if we are to succeed. I wish you a very happy and successful stay in KDU, your home for the next three or four years.

TWO NATIONAL ISSUES In closing, let me share my thoughts on two major challenges facing our youths today: moral decadence and unemployment. I believe that we as a nation need to be more sensitive and responsive to the academic and moral training and needs of our youths. A good name or being worthy in character is of greater significance than success in life. It is perhaps right to say that an ungodly or immoral character can never truly make anyone succeed in life. It is important therefore that we as a nation show more concern about the moral upbringing of our youths. We should start the moral training early in life by making deliberate policies and taking the right steps if our nation is to become the giant we claim it is. The irony is that it is actually the adults who are corrupting the youths and not giving them a good moral compass to follow. Therefore, we all need a change of heart, life and attitude. We also need to create hope and confidence in our youths through motivation and mentorship. The worrisome case of sexual harassment in many of our higher institutions need to be tackled more positively. Although the anger has almost always been more towards teachers and lecturers, I believe that this is a societal challenge that needs the attention of all. I firmly believe that our educational institutions should lead by example and put in place preventive measures for both groups (staff and students). Staff, as adults, are loco parentis to the students under their watch and cannot claim to have succumbed to the harassment of the students by the way they dress provocatively, walk invitationally, talk suggestively or behave indecently. We just have to live above board. A dog cannot eat the bone tied round its neck should be our watchword. Koladaisi University will develop implementable sexual harassment policies that will make reporting easy and safe, justice promptly discharged and violators sanctioned. This University would protect you, our students from being taking advantage of. We also enjoin parents to pay surprise visits to the schools to check on their wards, apart from giving them good training at home, being good role models and mentors, being their friends, and praying with and for them. The unemployment rate in the country has become really worrisome. The steady shrinking of formal jobs is becoming the most formidable obstacle graduates of higher institutions in Nigeria face in their struggle to survive. If any meaningful result is to be achieved in fighting corruption, poverty, crime, youth unrest and the growing divide between the rich and the poor then youth unemployment has to be confronted more seriously. This is largely because the trainings the youths are exposed to merely prepare them for already existing white collar jobs which have almost but disappeared as most local, state, federal ministries and agencies and majority of the industrial and international organizations are no longer employing. According to the recent unemployment report released by the National Bureau of Statistics, unemployment among youths with postsecondary education has almost tripled in the last three years from 12% in 2015 to 30.5% in 2018 with a national unemployment rate at 23.1% in the third quarter of 2018. Considering the fact that education is the right of every child and key to social and economic development and poverty eradication, then the nation should put measures in place to improve access, affordability and quality of education in our country. We need to do something about the accusation that our dear country is deliberately sabotaging the education and future of her citizens especially the children. This is based on the very low annual educational budget; more so when it is being alleged that a group of four thousand individuals or less have more money allocated for their welfare in the annual federal budgets than the education of more than 120 million children and adolescents in a population of about 200 million. Worse still is the continuous denial of Private Universities the opportunity of benefitting from the TETFUND intervention which would have enabled faster development and more significant contribution to the education of more youths in Nigeria by the private institutions. The stark reality in the face of the economic downturn is that we have to turn out graduates who can work for themselves and perhaps employ others. We therefore need to make deliberate efforts to equip our graduates for jobs that are not there. Towards this end, we need to come up with curricula that fit into present day realities. We need to produce graduates who are self-motivated, skilled enough, who are employable and who can employ others. The government and the university have to help the youths maximize their potential, take full advantage of their raw talents and energy, and encourage those with entrepreneurial potentials. There must also be a national safety net system to alleviate or provide stop gap reprieve for graduates. If our undergraduates must maximize their potentials and excel while in the university so they can graduate and serve the nation and the world, then we must provide them with the needed resources. In view of the recent admission figures into higher institutions in Nigeria, the 79 Private universities if properly supported by Government can certainly absorb more students and provide better qualitative training to our youths. Therefore Government need to be more involved in financing education at the tertiary level, especially by financially supporting the Private Universities. On our part, we are rebuilding our curriculum into the digital age so that students can acquire employability skills no matter their chosen course of study. Apart from mounting courses in entrepreneurial studies, all our disciplines are made to include the profitable business ventures of their programmes. We therefore encourage all our students that even while in school they can be self-sufficient and create businesses on their own, provided this does not negatively affect their major reason for being in this University.

ON THE FINAL NOTE My dear students, it is my wish that you take every word you have heard today as serious and hearty wishes. The University is committed to producing the world’s future best scholars and leaders; and these we want you to become. Therefore work hard here so you can excel to serve and go out there and serve to excel. Familiarize yourself with the University, study and digest the Students’ Handbook and academic regulations, make the best of the facilities the University provides and make the best of the opportunities you will be presented with. Please accept my best wishes as I formally welcome you to your home for the next three or four years.






I thank the Lord God Almighty for making today a reality and for the unique opportunity of being at the helm of affairs at a time like this. It is my immense joy and pleasure to welcome you all to this momentous occasion. I wish to, especially on behalf of Senate, Staff and Students of the University, welcome the Founder, Proprietors, Members of the Board of Trustees, Governing Council Members, very distinguished friends and family of the Founder and other eminent world citizens to this unique ceremony, the first of many to come for KolaDaisi University. It is indeed my greatest honour to welcome you all to this campus on this very unique day that marks the formal takeoff of our University as we accept these pioneering students to herald our arrival on the educational landscape of our dear country Nigeria and indeed the world. Today marks the arrival of a game changer in the committee of Universities in Nigeria. It is particularly exciting as it marks the beginning of the realization of the dream of the Founder, his family and other well-wishers. We should therefore raise a glass as we celebrate this momentous occasion. We hope that the addition of this new University, with its distinctive brand, will mark the beginning of delivery of new academic, professional and entrepreneurial skill acquisition needed by our youths to make real changes in the socio-economic needs of our nation. We therefore call on all our friends and well- meaning individuals present to please join us in this endeavor by helping to spread the good news, make recommendations to prospective students and parents, partner with us in our internationalization efforts, help attract top rated Faculty and endow or donate chairs, buildings, equipment, etc, for the realization of the aims and objectives of KolaDaisi University. It is my special pleasure to most heartily welcome you our pioneering students to our campus and your home for the next four years. Once again, i congratulate you for securing admission to KDU and rejoice with you and your parents or guardians. Let me reassure you that you have made the right and wisest choice. Please join me in expressing gratitude to the Founder and Sponsor of KDU (Chief Kola Daisi, CON, The Bashorun of Ibadanland), the Proprietors (KolaDaisi Foundation) chaired by Professor Caleb Adeniyi Osuntogun, OFR, who also doubles as the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Council, the Board of Trustees under the Chairmanship of Emeritus Professor Oladipo Olujimi Akinkugbe, MD, CON, CFR, NNON, and the Governing Council members for their interest and sacrifice in ensuring the educational advancement of our youths. The establishment of KolaDaisi University is a final capping to their dreams. I pray the Lord God Almighty to continue to grant them good health, strength, wisdom and wherewithal to accomplish the noble challenges they have set to make KDU a world class institution and a University of Choice. The dreams of the Founder of this University for quality education are not in doubt. He has been involved in promoting education and encouraging youths to get educated or learn trades by offering scholarships and providing facilities for acquisition of and enhancing skills. He is a strong believer in using education to break the chains of poverty and ignorance and also holds a firm belief that education can be used as a tool for peace. He has therefore invested heavily in education over the last three decades. Having realized that every year, due to limited space and carrying capacity in the nation’s higher institutions, many qualified candidates cannot be absorbed, he decided to complement the efforts of the Governments in tackling the challenge of access and affordability to qualitative education by investing in the establishment of KDU. With the huge investment in world class educational infrastructure and equipment for teaching, learning and research as well as investment in human resource development, KDU is poised to be a major player in the education sector in Nigeria. Towards this end, the Proprietors have determined to make KDU globally competitive through provision of good facilities and adequate infrastructure to ensure production of requisite human resources needed for catalyzing developmental changes through the quality our output.

Borrowing from the UK’s Lord Browne Committee’s submission ‘A degree is of benefit both to the holder through higher levels of social contribution and higher lifetime earnings, and to the nation through higher economic growth rates and the improved health of society’. Therefore, the broad thrust of KDU is to be a world-class institution for excellence in the production of graduates able to respond to the socio-economic needs of a knowledge-driven economy. This we intend to achieve by nurturing graduates with high employability attributes and competencies; qualities that are required to transform our country into global reckoning and position of pride in all human endeavors. This is aptly described by our motto “Scientia ad Serviendum generi Humano” (Knowledge for the Service of Humanity). The University curriculum is patterned and designed to provide students with an academic framework for becoming educated and successful citizens of the 21st century. The courses are designed to teach the students intellectual and practical skills of analysis, communication, quantitative and information literacy and problem solving, and to bring out professional and entrepreneurial benefits of each course. This is geared towards preparing students to engage in complex thinking and develop in specialized areas based on relevant courses taken in a variety of disciplines and incorporation of a range of skill sets. We have begun academic activities with two Faculties, viz. Applied Sciences and Arts, Management and Social Sciences, and 18 programmes. These are areas in which we plan to excel in the nearest future. We will operate focused programmes and utilize professional techniques, well developed and relevant curricula, modern equipment and materials that will lead to the production of well-rounded graduates that can make great impact wherever they find themselves after graduation. My dear students, you are here to be empowered with everything you need to fulfill destiny. Our present educational curricula in Nigeria train students for the job that is supposed to be already there. We at KDU will prepare you, our students, for jobs that are not yet there or for opportunities that are yet to be uncovered. You all agree with me that there are not enough jobs out there any longer, and sadly there won’t ever be. Luckily opportunities are limitless for those who have the eyes to identify and take advantage of them. My dear pioneering students, come four years from now, you thus have to be graduates of value and not just young men and women with good degrees. You must therefore add value to yourself as this not only promotes you higher but makes you less vulnerable to the uncertain economic realities of our time. To be able to thrive upon graduation, you will be prepared to be both job and future ready. Towards this, we will ensure that you develop the right attitudes, creativity, focus, persistence, patience, diligence and effort required to excel in life. We will place emphasis on entrepreneurship for whether or not you have a job you would be better off. We have therefore added entrepreneurial training at every level to the school knowledge that exists in most other schools so that you can quickly learn, unlearn and relearn in a bid to uncover current and future opportunities. We will encourage you to have role models who are entrepreneurs, read books and stories about Bill Gates, Chief Kola Daisi, Aliko Dangote, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, David Oyedepo, Subomi Balogun, Nike Ogunlesi, Biodun Shobanjo and others.

I admonish you my dear students to imbibe the spirit of sacrifice, hard work, discipline, diligence and purposefulness as you pursue your degree here. You should realize that even the best of degrees no longer guarantees employment nowadays. Therefore it is important that you take full advantage of all opportunities you will be presented with. The world today is interested in excellence, so please learn to excel in all you do. Realize that being in this University is a great privilege and an opportunity to chart a path for your life as this crucial stage might determine what your entire future or life will be. Let me warn that the opportunities you are being presented with, though precious, will come with lots of responsibilities because much will be expected of you. Based on societal needs, the University will employ teaching, research and community service as the major tools for problem solving and developing you into our branded product for catalyzing national and global developmental revolution. During your stay in this University, your welfare, apart from academic excellence, is our concern so learn to endure the challenges you might face in this university, especially as you are the Pioneers. We have dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff who will serve as loco parentis to you over the next four years. I advise that you take the best advantages of these opportunities. Please familiarize yourself with the students handbook wherein lie the rules and regulations that will guide your behavior while here. Also, the academic programme spells out the general and academic regulations that will guide your stay in this university and these include library facilities, registration procedures, the course credit system, examinations, good standing and graduation requirements and status. Follow and obey these rules and regulations so you can enjoy an easy passage through this University. I trust that you will avoid their infractions so as to prevent unwanted and unpalatable consequences. I also enjoin you to take full advantage of the medical services, welfare and recreational facilities we have put in place for you.

Now that you are here, I enjoin you to take full advantage of the opportunities you are being presented with. You have to learn to sacrifice and live with the temporary discomforts that might come your way. Take it that they are only for a while. Thus, while you rejoice that you have gained admission into this University and matriculating today, let me advise you to spend your time wisely here on campus, and indeed off our radar. Mind your business and the purpose of your being here. Do not waste precious time on things that do not concern you and which in most cases are not profitable. My dear students, let me advise that you don’t try to manage your time but that you should try to manage yourself so that you can be more effective at all you do. Do not waste your time on activities that are neither productive nor positive. Aimless browsing on the internet, arguing about which celebrity is richest, which European League or club is best, which artiste is more modern, etc, are wasteful activities. Do not waste time on anything not related to your current task. Don’t procrastinate, remove all fears and obstacles from your way and face your work squarely. Get the most out of the time you have here so you can excel and go out there shining and ready to impact. You should know that if you want to eat coconut you don’t climb a palm tree! So, you have to put first things first and I can assure you that all things will certainly fall in fine places for you. Remember that time once lost is lost for good and opportunities lost may never be recovered. The ticking of the clock never stops much as we wish we can stop the clock or at least slow it down. Remember, time waits for no man and always wins out, no matter how hard we may resist or determined we might be. Time cannot be changed and nothing can interrupt that incessant tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock of the clock. Time always goes forward, never backward. Your stay here, though going to be very short, is crucial and very precious. Let me assure you that before you know it, it will all be over. So use your time here well and wisely. Number each day. Ensure you accomplish the set tasks and apply your heart to wisdom. As you start in this University let me advise you to dream dreams and have a vision of what you want to be in life. If possible write them down as a reminder and work towards them daily. Prioritize your objectives. I appeal to you, do not let your parent or guardians down. You can’t afford to let God down too.

Like the popular LiveLifeHappy sayings “Don’t be a parrot in life, be an eagle. A parrot talks way too much but can’t fly high but an eagle is silent and has the will power to touch the sky” During your stay here, you are going to be presented with both opportunities and possibilities; don’t miss them, make the best of both. Develop the will power to excel. Let add that it is not yet time to rejoice but time to start to work hard so that you can beam with joy in four years’ time. Shun cultism and other social ills. Study well. Attend classes regularly and punctually. Do not miss the continuous assessment, quizzes, tests and practicals. Have fun but in moderation. Behave well and come out with a good grade. If you want to excel here and in the future, then your time startss now. See you in about four years from now when i will say “YOU HAVE BEEN WELL EQUIPED; SO, TIME UP, GO OUT THERE AND EXCEL.” I am thankful to Emeritus Professor Ladipo Ayodeji Banjo, Justice of Peace, CON, a man of great nobility, a well-travelled and globally known scholar, a teacher of teachers, Professor of Professors, Chairman of Chairmen, a citizen of the world, an administrator par excellence, a mentor of many, a man of immense experience and of many more desirable qualities, for accepting to deliver this maiden commencement lecture of KDU. We are indeed lucky to have you here sir. May the Lord continue to keep you for us. Amen Once again, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Governing Council, Management, Senate and Staff of KolaDaisi University, I congratulate you the lucky pioneering students and your trusting parents and guardians and wish you a very successful and memorable stay in KDU. GOD KEEP YOU AND BLESS YOUR STAY HERE. AMEN.

I therefore plead that we should not because of the fear of failure fail to take the steps of faith God expects us to take. We cannot afford to fail as our God never fails. Please be partners with me as together we transform the university into a world class institution.SO LET US SOAR TOGETHER

Thank you and God bless




I should like to thank the authorities of the new University, and particularly the Chairman of its Board of Trustees, Emeritus Professor Ladipo Akinkugbe, for this honour of addressing the first ever Matriculation Ceremony of this University. I should also like to thank the proprietor of the institution, Chief KolaDaisi, a close friend of many years, for this outstanding gift to the nation. The value of the gift can be realized when one considers how much it costs to run a University in spite of, and beyond, student fees. My prayer is that the nation may benefit in perpetuity from this magnificent endeavor, and that chief Daisi’s vision may be fully realized. .

This being the first ever Matriculation Ceremony, I thought it might be worthwhile to devote the few minutes of this address to trying to answer the all-important question: What is a University? Specifically, what does this institution stand for, and what were you, privileged students, hoping to gain from it by coming here? Let me hazard a guess. Some of you may be here because you thought that, after a brilliant career at the secondary school, the university is naturally the next destination. They may not have given much thought to what to do with the education they get from the university unless, of course, they have been admitted for one of the professional courses, like Medicine, Law or Engineering. This explains why some students change courses if they are not admitted for the course of their first choice. The important thing, for them, is simply to be enrolled at the university.

Some of you are here to improve your chances in life, and this is a legitimate expectation. Most employers these days ask for a university degree, even a good university degree. It is therefore important to have a university degree. Things have even got so difficult, and jobs for first degree holders have become so scarce that many students go on to enroll for Masters degrees. As a result, there are hordes of students enrolled for Master’s degree with the wrong motive and orientation. Eventually, perhaps, students will enroll for the PhD en masse because they have nothing else to do. I shudder to think what would be the value of such PhD’s. .

In order to achieve this, you are expected to:

  1. Exhibit good work ethics, accountability and productivity.
  2. Be punctual and regular at work
  3. Be at your duty post during working hours
  4. Be exemplary, disciplined, committed and dedicated to duty
  5. Be good role models to our students
  6. Help popularize and populate KolaDaisi University
  7. Join in efforts to ensure peace, harmony, security and discipline on our campus
  8. Join in the crusade for enhanced revenue generation and plugging of wastages and leakages
  9. Be prudent and judicious in the use of University materials and properties
  10. Cooperate fully with Administration and be part of the day to day running of the university.

On our part,

  1. We will pursue proper orientation and reorientation of the human resources in all ramifications to enable you deliver on results
  2. Newly recruited staff will be made to undergo proper training and induction as to what working in a University entails
  3. We will define clear and achievable goals, objectives and expected outcomes based on your office or position
  4. We will embark on periodic training and retraining to enhance capacity building, skill acquisition and required competencies.
  5. We will provide needed facilities and resources to perform the assigned and designated tasks and duties.

Let us shun eye service or hypocrisy, perform our duties with good will, diligence, honesty, dutifulness and a good mindset. I therefore challenge you to let us talk together, work together and play together so together we can place KolaDaisi University in the enviable academic position she is expected to be.

Thank you for your attention.
Prof. K. L. Ayorinde