Matriculation Ceremony by Adekanmi

Matriculation Ceremony

Matriculation day is a day set aside to commemorate a student’s enrollment into a higher institution of learning. To some students, it is a day to take pictures, merry and have fun while others take it as a day to start their journey towards academic feats. It is pertinent to state that this day is for all matriculating students but there is a greater day ahead which will tell whether your matriculation was a success or not. Many students matriculate but do not end up convoking because they portrayed vices which made them morally unfit to remain in school.

As you matriculate, be determined to achieve success and become a better person in all spheres of life. Definitely, hard times will come, challenges and issues that look frustrating will arise to counter your dreams and aspiration. Nevertheless, do not be deterred by the circumstances but be courageous and disciplined. Also, focus is a determining factor to be successful, when you focus on your goal, you will not succumb to pressures by peers or be over-whelmed by difficult situations.

It is good to be reminded that aiming for success does not mean that you should not have fun or socialize. Make good friends, create interesting memories, have fun, but set your priorities right and balance your social life with your academics so you will not fall out of the main purpose of being in school.

Happy matriculation, remember matriculate to convoke successfully

Adekanmi Marvelous
Computer Science
KolaDaisi University, Ibadan