The Pathway to Eminence in the academia



Research and development (R&D) is about gathering knowledge to create new products or discover new ways to improve existing products and services. This is to enhance innovativeness, competitiveness, accessible expertise and advanced research equipment, future growth, staying abreast of developments in the academia and industry, as well as reducing production/operation costs.

The R & D Office was created to undertake activities in relation to the following:

  • Advancing the Mission and Vision of the University as they relate to research.
  • Assisting in proposal preparation and electronic submissions, i.e. packaging of proposals.
  • Scanning the local and international environment for research funds.
  • Facilitating financial accountability in the administration of grants and research related contracts, i.e. financial management and research compliance oversight.
  • Collaborating with the relevant units in identifying, developing, protecting, and marketing the institution’s intellectual property, and promoting knowledge transfer networks with the private sector.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Facilitating the ethical conduct of research.
  • Facilitating the institution’s lias on with external funding agencies.
  • Managing the conduct of funded research to ensure compliance with the stipulations by funding agencies.
  • The Directorate ensures effective partnership and collaboration with local and international funders, industry and the public sector.

The R & D Office is primarily, the executive arm of the Committee on Research and Development. The Office assists in recommending and formulating research policies, implementing research strategies from the university to the individual levels and developing initiatives to enhance the University’s research and funding performance. The Office serves as the strategic nexus of research and research administration to promote, support, strengthen, and grow the research enterprise in KolaDaisi University.

In the last few months, the activities of the Office have cut across the following terrains:

  • Collaboration with Girne American University, Cyprus, on dual and joint degree awards for undergraduates, postgraduates, and staff.
  • Organization of Capacity Development Workshop on Effective Partnership and Research Collaborations.
  • Partnership with New Horizons Nigeria on corporate/individual professional trainings and certification exams.
  • Collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, Management, and Social Sciences (FAMS) in organizing a workshop on ‘the Pathway to Eminence in the Academia’.
  • Collaboration with Science Olympiad Nigeria on the promotion of the sciences through school tournaments and workshops.


Dr. S.O Faboyede (FCA,ACFE)

Acting Director, Research and Development Office,
KolaDaisi University, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.